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New secure truck parking in Calais

15th December 2020

SNAP welcomed RDV Transport to their truck parking network in early December 2020 – adding 166 much-needed parking and washing spaces to Calais.

RDV Transport has a unique and forward-thinking approach to security, which means that drivers will park their trailer in one area and the unit in another. They also hold an ESPORG ‘Gold Rating’ for security standards.

Over 70 RDV fleet vehicles already use SNAP Account to pay for truck parking across Europe, but they will be opening their sizeable depot to host other truck drivers in Calais. Due to the ongoing Brexit uncertainty, truck parking spaces in Calais are going like hotcakes, and this new location will help to provide extra parking availability in the area.

With the addition of RDV Transport, SNAP now provides over 1,200 daily truck parking spaces in Calais.

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