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1,000 SNAP Account Parking spaces available in Calais

13th October 2020

Calais Truckstop (CTS) recently opened their gates for business. The new site has 293 Truck Parking spaces which are all available to SNAP Account drivers. Combined with Polley Secured Lorry Park and C4T, this means that there are now 1,000 parking spaces available to SNAP Account customers in the Calais area.

Calais has always been a busy pit-stop for HGV traffic, as a resting place for truck drivers before crossing the Channel. The popular Polley and C4T sites are often full and its great news that CTS has joined the SNAP network to give SNAP Account drivers more parking options in Calais.

CTS is a brand-new location with fencing, CCTV, access control, payment terminals and night watchman. The site is striving to gain the SSTPA (Safe and Secure Truck Park Area) certification.

The new site in Calais also contains an on-site Truck Wash station, offering two covered washing tracks for your tanks, liquids, powders, skips and fridges – with separate tracks for food and non-food. This service is also available to use for SNAP Account drivers.

All three HGV locations are close to:

• The Calais ferry terminals and Eurotunnel
• Junction A26 to Germany or Paris
• A16/E40 to North and South Europe
• Calais/Dunkirk airport

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