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New features now available!

8th March 2019

Over the course of the past few months our development teams have been hard at work building in some great new features for the intruck app.

These are:

European Map -
We have extended the map to include European countries. Over the coming months we will be populating the newly extended map and site listing with Truckstops from all over Europe. Like all site listings currently on the app they will be colour coded to show which sites accept SNAP, which don’t and also which are SNAP exclusive Depot Parking sites.

News Tab -
Through our brand-new news tab we can now keep you up-to-date with all the latest intruck news including updates on all the great features we are working on in the background, alerts for when new sites have been added and all other industry related news.

Filter Button -
Looking for a Truckpark which accepts refrigerated vehicles and has a café to get some well deserved food from? No problem, we have developed our filter button to not only filter site type but by country, refrigerated vehicle acceptance, café presence and new status.

New Site Flag -
Wanting to park up and try out the latest addition to the SNAP Network? Any new sites that join will now show a shiny ’NEW’ symbol next to them for a period of time.

The intruck team are committed to creating an app which is for drivers, inspired by drivers. Have you got a suggestion for a brilliant new feature? We would love to hear it! Use our contact form on this website to let us know.

- intruck